Marc Brody

President, Panda Mountain and U.S.-China Environmental Fund

Skype: Pandabrody

Telephone: +1 608 767 3888

Contact regarding strategic partnerships, ecotourism & Geotourism, Fundraising, Media, and U.S.-China Environmental Fund.

Dr. Andre Clewell

Senior Restoration Ecologist

Skype: andre.clewell

Telephone: +1 813-293-3911

Contact regarding restoration of degraded and fragmented habitat, scientific research, and restoration training.

Fugui Wan

Community Liaison, based in Wolong


Telephone: +86 189 9041 7320

Contact regarding visiting Wolong Nature Reserve, Student visits

Justinian Dispenza

Photographer, Filmmaker, Educator

Skype: actnrock

Contact regarding images, video, education programs and school presentations.