Wolong is the core are for the world,s largest remaining block of giant Panda habitat. In addition, Wolong's staff manage China's only giant Panda reintroduction program - this is when Pandas, bred and raised in captivity, are training to be released into the wild. Therefor, the nature reserve is internatonally recognize as the most important natural area to conserve wild Panda populations.

Wolong is rich in biodiversity, home to over 4, 000 different native species. However, Wolong's environment has been degraded bu human development - unsustainable practices like logging and then subsequent artificial forest plantations, fire wood collection , and livestock grazing have impacted the habitatas of Pandas and other endangered wildlife. Panda Mountain is working to conserve habitat and restore degraded areas to ensure a future for endangered species in the wild, and we need passionate people like you to join our volunteer team.